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DIY cnc machine parts

Data utworzenia: 2017-07-30 17:13:43

Typ transakcji: Inne
Miejscowość: Lithuania
Województwo cała polska
Wyświetleń 128
Cena: 1500

Opis ogłoszenia

I am selling cnc machine parts, all parts are not used, just checked if everything works, the kit consists of:
Longsmotor 3xNema 23 steppers, 425, 3 amps with double axis,
Longsmotor 3xDM542A driver, peak 4.2A, 128 micsteps,
Power supply 350W - 36V, as well as meanwell 5v and 12v.
Frequency converter LSIS SV-IC5 1.5 kw combined with Modbus communication card for control of spindle.
HERTZ spindle 750W, 3.7 A, 18000 rpm, is the only \"minus\" that a few colling fins ware bent during shipping (seen in the photo), the shaft runs smoothly as it should without any deffects
In addition, I will give the ER16 kit set 1 to 10mm, there are several milling cutters.
PC with a keyboard and mouse, monitor configured for mach3 software( mach3 demo version) I will add a a couple of cables for connecting the spindle, stepper motors, limit switches.

The mechanical parts have not been used, just “collecting dust” on the shelf for over the year.
3x BK12 / BF12 ballscrew ends supports
2x BFR SFU1610 ball screw, step 10mm, length 800mm, provided for x and y axis.
1x SFU1605 ball screw,step 5mm, 250mm long, for z axis.
2x HIWIN HGR20R-L300 mm linear rails.
4x HIWIN HGW20CA carriages. I will add extra grease nipples.
3x JC-OD25-L30mm couplers
4x TRH20L linear rails lengths of 800 mm.
8x TRH20A carriages
Plastic cable chain (15x40mm) 2m.
Frequency converter programmed for a spindle, connected modbus
communication for its management. I''m not an electrical engineer, so if there''s any uncertainty about the connection scheme or other nodes, you will wire everything as you prefer.
I would like to sell every thing as a set, if you have questions pm or comment.
Items are located in Europe, Lithuania.

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